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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Goodnight Grandmama

Today, November 8, 2008, I lay my Grandmama to rest.

I remember many things about my Grandmama. Her firm voice, her strong conscience, her steady faith. She was always there with a kind word, a gentle hand and an oreo cookie. She was a kind, gentle, wonderful person and the world is diminished with her death.

Mary grew up in a different time. Families had nothing and managed to survive anyway. She came from a broken home and lived with her mother and grandparents. her grandfather was a preacher, and set her on the path of faith early on. She survived the death of her mother, a strong and beautiful woman who wrote poetry and songs to inspire others to faith.

She survived an ineffective father and an abusive step-mother, living the life of Cinderella. She survived the second Great War, volunteering her time while her husband-to-be was risking his life in support of freedom. She survived the death of her oldest son from cancer, keeping only a single flower from the casket in remembrance. She shed no tears in public. "I have to take care of Jim now."

She brought three wonderful people into this world and raised them to be as strong and independent as she was. Over the years she took on several careers. Mother, wife, assistant, realtor, business owner, gardener, chief cook and bottle washer. She had a love of flowers, first day lilies, later iris. Even with all that, she couldn't make a pie crust to save her life.

She was married almost 65 years, a mother of three, a grandmother of four. She was a strong and vibrant woman until dementia came and took her away from us. Almost four years she lived an existence surrounded by, but devoid of family, love, memories and faith. These were the hardest times, and her death was almost a relief. She is home now, with her husband and son.

I strive to live a life she would be proud of, and I pray that one day I will see her again, strong and vibrant as she ever was. She'll have an oreo.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray thee Lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray thee lord my soul to take

Goodnight Grandmama. Love you.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss, and happy for her gain.

"We do not mourn as those who have no hope."

Ex-Dissident said...

Absolutely beautiful. I lost my grandparents years ago. They helped raise me, warned me of their mistakes, taught me to think for myslef, and will forever remain with me. I think of their sacrifice to their kids. I think of the warmth our family shared in their company.

Your grandmother will forever remain as a part of your life and, this way you will always be in good company.

folly said...

Thank you very much. While I mourn for the loss of life, especially one that burned so bright, I will always celebrate the life of my grandmother. She was a truly beautiful person and I am better off for knowing her.