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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hypocrisy in full view in Congress

The Democrats in Washington told the big 3 automakers today that they have to show a business plan before any bailout will be considered. They have to prove they're going to use the $25Bn responsibly.


Are these the same people that gave THREE QUARTERS OF A TRILLION DOLLARS to a man who has no idea how he's going to spend it? With no oversight? And no accountability?

"If they make sense and as they've met the criteria the leader and the speaker have laid out, then we'd like to move forward and be of assistance," said Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., chairman of the Senate Banking, House and Urban Affairs Committee.

Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., head of the House Financial Services Committee, will manage the negotiation with the heads of General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Motor Co.

Aren't Dodd and Frank the same people who helped start the sub-prime problem we have now?

So the Dems in Congress have the nerve to require that the automakers prove that they are going to responsibly spend the money. Now, yes, flying out in the private jet to beg for money because you're broke is in bad form, and they need to quit hemorrhaging money, but congress? Being concerned about how the money is spent?

Apparently Pelosi and Reid have no sense of irony. Personally, I think Pelosi and Reid need a lot more supervision with the money they spend.

Reid said the auto industry executives that testified on Capitol Hill this week did not "convince the Congress or the American people that this bailout will be their last" or stop the bleeding from the troubled industry.

"Until they show us the plan, we cannot show them the money," Pelosi added

Pelosi said that Congress wants to help the automakers because "survival is essential to maintaining our manufacturing and industrial base and that industrial base is essential to our national security."

Nice. The bailout is all about national security. Must be ok then.


stevjo said...

You would think not throwing money down a rat hole would be more in the interest of National Security, but I could be wrong. If the UAW had any brains or ability to look beyond its memebership, then they could easily held GM fix this problem. Of course, GM has to realize there own faults; too many cars that not enough people want to buy is dead weight. Concentrate on the winners. If the airlines can do to stay viable (or to die trying), then the automakers can too.
As for Frank and Dodd; why these bastards aren't being drug through the streets is beyond me. Just seeing those MFers, with their ("what do mean I'm part of the problem") fake concern and bullshit explainations as to how fix anything brings me just short of stroking out on a litany of swear words. I've actaully had to stop watching t.v. ( a very good thing, kinda like quitting smoking) as to increase my chances of survival. Congress is the REAL enemy simply because we've seen what they can screw up in two years, never mind four. Obama just becomes a rubber stamp for their B.S. Sadly, Obama will pass an auto bailout, Pelosi and Reid will look smug and victorious, GM will take the money and hide it's true destination, which will be UAW coffers. The only silver lining will be points against the Congress and the Great Leader. I'm keeping score.

Ex-Dissident said...

Heh, ever seen a politician who is not a hypocrite? What can be done to develop a sense of responsibility for your words or actione within the general public. I think that without this, we will keep on electing irresponsible liars. How do we teach responsibility to generations of Americans who were raised by irresponsible parents and taught by irresponsible teachers? The teacher recently shown on tape who was insulting her young students with such wonderful messages of hope-"your daddy won't come home for 100 years"; that was clearly inappropriate and in my view child abuse. Was she dismissed? Nope. She got the parents and this child to plead on her behalf. She should have been fired but she got away with abusing kids in her classroom, having the scene recorded on video, and bragging about it to a journalist. Anyone really believe that she was her regret was genuine? How about president elect. Is there anything coming out of his mouth that was believable? His dssociation with terrorists and racists only after the media light was cast on them. Here is a new generation of students who can clearly see how lying is the straight path, all the way to the White House. What will it take to teach these kids a sense of personal responsibility?

folly said...

It does seem like throwing good money after bad, but there is something else, too. A quiet undercurrent that isn't getting much news coverage.

According to the Wall Street Journal Congress is requiring that the automakers retool and start making more electric and hybrid cars. Without that requirement, Congress has said there will be no bailout.

There was even an offer of $25Bn earlier this year to help the automakers retool to produce more green cars. The Bush admin rejected the green requirements and the earlier offer failed.

The purpose isn't to save jobs, or the economy, it is to recreate the US automakers in the Greens' image. Since they can't get new CAFE standards passed, they want to buy a stake in the automakers and force them to change.

Can you imagine the Sierra Club sitting on the board at GM?

To do this properly, we need to let them restructure or declare bankruptcy. Maybe they will figure it out this time.