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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Friday, November 7, 2008

Interesting Thoughts on the Economy

I read something interesting over at ConservativeBeachGirl, and I wanted to expound my thoughts on it here. She said, "We're effectively "outta there" for a bit BUT conservatives ALWAYS have to come back and clean up the mess the Democrat Socialists seem to make even in spite of their better judgement."

Politics reminds me of college football sometimes. When you're down, every win is important, when you're doing well, a 10 and 2 season is poor.

Look back a few years. Carter hosed the economy up. Reagan came in, lowered taxes in a historical manner and fixed it. Everything looked good, and every little thing was a disaster. The tech boom started with Reagan's pro-business policies and Clinton got luck to inherit it. During the Clinton years, every gain was a victory. Then Clinton screwed the economy up with higher taxes, and started the crash. George W Bush inherited the crash, lowered taxes and cleaned up after him. Everything looked really good, and every little thing was a disaster.

Then some businesses broke the law, and congress started telling mortgage companies who they had to loan money to and the economy began sagging. Bush broke ranks with conservatism and got the government more involved with the bailout.

I guess now we'll get some higher taxes, more government spending and programs, and higher debt. Every little gain will be an important victory. Difference is, this time, I think we're really going to pay for the victories.

The only question is if Obama can mess it up enough in four years to be a single term President, or if we'll need eight to learn the lesson again.

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