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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Letter to Senator McCain

I took a minute to send Sen McCain a note about the recent attacks on Gov Palin. These attacks, by they way have been handled remarkably well by the Governor. I admire that she hasn't been willing to even respond to the unfounded and undocumented accusations being thrown at her from behind a screen of anonymity. I am enclosing the letter in whole.

Sen McCain, I am a deep conservative, and have always been concerned that you seem to lean to the left as often as you do. I was generally unsure of voting for you, until you picked Gov Palin as your running mate. She seems to be very conservative, and the choice bodes well for your claims of leading from the right.

Unfortunately, we know now that it was a losing effort, and President-Elect Obama will be sworn in to office in January.

I believe that Gov Palin was the one bright spot in your campaign, and I think she has a tremendous future in American politics.

But right now, people that you employ are trying to destroy her reputation. They are making accusations that they're not backing up. They're not willing to put their names on the reports. I have difficulty with anonymous reports, and it looks like Gov Palin takes the same view.

My request to you is that you spend at least as much time defending Gov Palin as you did defending Sen Obama against attacks on his character during the campaign.

You chose her, and she was a very good choice. If there were "gaps in her knowledge" or "tantrums" thrown at the daily briefings, then someone didn't do their job very well. I have difficulty believing that someone could be incompetent enough to miss that kind of problem with a potential running mate.

So call your people and tell them to stop. The race was lost, and it was lost because no one can point to what your campaign was about. I still can't really say why you wanted to be elected. Senator Obama had a very easy slogan. Obama=Change. He beat that in to our skulls for months.

We are now the party in opposition, and the last thing we need to do is attack our own. Especially when we're attacking the future of the Republican Party.


If you have time, go to McCain's website and let him know that we hear his silence.

Edit: I got the form letter response from the website. At least people are coming out in defense of Gov Palin now.

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