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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The ruse that is The Transition

There is a poll on CNN.com that shows 79% of 1096 adults polled think that Barack Obama is handling the transition well. 78% of those people believe that Obama will be a "uniter," and 76% have a favorable view of him.

He sure is talking a good game. And it's paying off.

Even recent unfavorable news stories haven't damaged his reputation in the national media, not that I'd expect them to. Pay to play in Illinois? "We...I didn't have any knowledge."

He has made up semi-presidential seals and the "Office of the President-Elect." Funny that the press hasn't mentioned that there is no office of the president-elect.

By the way, that little bit of Latin: "vero possumus," can be roughly translated to "yes we can." Nice. At first I thought it would mean something about playing dead when things get scary, but that will be determined at a later time.

He's started to sound awfully center-left recently. Very moderate. Some of the plans on his change.gov site have changed to be less far-left sounding. He's lulling people in to submission. After all, think of the children, or we're just trying to help people, or we have to do something.

He's installing a cabinet that screams socialist, but no one seems to notice. Leftover Clinton staffers, hardcore leftists from Chicago, all manner of democrat...oh and a caretaker Defense Secretary. Gotta have that (bi-partisan) goat. Smart man, though, as almost all of his appointments are people that could be considered real opponents later on. If things go bad and he has to fire Hillary Clinton, her political career is over.

So what you have is a socialist, appointing other socialists and talking like he's a moderate to get the conservatives to like him, too. I'm not buying it, but according to the poll above, way too many people are. These people are more interested in their couches and sitcoms than government, and if people don't get up, it's going to be the downfall of this country.

Of course, he's really pissing off the moonbats over at places like huffpo and kos because he's talking all center and stuff. Just wait guys. Things will get worse. Once he has to fire a few cabinet members for not doing enough to stabilize things, you'll get some real socialists in there.

He wants to federalize the states responsibilities, and make the government the source of all good things. He's meeting with Al Gore to discuss how to push the green agenda without annoying too many people this time. I'm sure he'll sign all of the punitive accords and treaties drawn up by countries who won't have to abide by them, which will slow energy development and raise energy prices. Hello Kyoto.

But his plans sound so reasonable, and the arguments for them are loaded: "You don't want people to have jobs?" "You don't want children to have healthcare?" "Why shouldn't people making minimum wage make more?"

Of course I want people to have jobs and kids to have healthcare and people to be able to make a living wage. What I don't want is the government providing all of these things. None of those things are guaranteed in the constitution. Only that you get a shot at it. If the government tries to make us all winners in this game of life, there will be no reason to try anymore. After all, we'll win anyway.

Right now, he's doing everything right, and working to secure the power and "gravitas" he needs to really lead the country down the road to socialism. This transition is most certainly a ruse, designed to help the sheep relax. We can't relax. We have to stand up.

What can I do? I can talk to people, logically, without useless rhetoric. I can do research and present information here. I can write to my representatives in government and make my views known. I can join organizations that support my views and rights. This is the game we have to play, and we need to play it while the rules still allow us to do so.


Anonymous said...

We're sliding down the slippery slope towards totalitarianism and people are too stupid to notice. They take their freedom for granted and don't realise that it could so easily be taken away. I hope that people wake up before it's too late. I don't want to someday be jailed as a political dissident for daring to oppose the government--or worse, live in an Islamic world, which is kind of where we're headed.

And the stupid media isn't helping. It propagates lies--it pretty much got Obama elected. And of course people are too stupid to question what they hear--they simply don't think for themselves.

Wow, I'm in a depressive mood today. Reading that over, I don't usually sound that bleak...

folly said...

The media has it's own agenda, and it has nothing to do with freedom. There has been a shift from reporting to affecting/creating the news. If a reporter doesn't affect what he/she is reporting, then they are failing.

I don't think that the slide in to totalitarianism is a given. I think (hope) that people will begin to wake up when things start to affect them specifically. It's the old, "They came for..." argument. I'm speaking out now. Hopefully someone will speak out for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course you're right. I too have hope... I was just in a rather depressive mood when I posted that comment. I think that after four years of idiocy under Obama, and possibly after a large terrorist attack, people will realise how stupid Obama is.

folly said...

I think it was quite an interesting sight to see people in terrorist nations dancing in the streets when Obama was elected.

I hope I'm wrong, but I'm expecting something to happen. I believe that Obama's election showed the world at large that our will can be bent, and that we are susceptible to national peer pressure. If our will can be bent, it can, therefore, be broken. That is my fear.