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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And they couldn't mention these things before the election?

From Politico:

There's a great editorial over at Politico: Seven reasons for healthy skepticism. It goes over many of the reasons that have been espoused here and elsewhere in the blogosphere, but never this close to the MSM. Here's one of the reasons:
4. Words, words, words

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, though starkly different men, both viewed the presidency as pre-eminently a decision-making job. Clinton often waved away speech drafts bloated with lofty language by saying: “Words, words, words.”

Obama seems to have a different view of the presidency. He thinks that the right decisions can be reached by putting reasonable and enlightened people together and reaching a consensus. He believes his job as president is to educate and inspire, largely matters of style.

He knows he is good with words. He knows he has great style. So that’s why he projects exceptional confidence in his ability to do the job.

We don’t know yet how justified Obama is in his self-confidence — or how naive.

But he is almost certain to face many tests, probably imminently, in which the test will be Obama’s ability to act quickly and shrewdly — and not merely describe his actions smoothly or impress people with nuance. And an unlike a governor — who must decide what’s in a budget and what gets cut, or whether a person to be executed at midnight should be spared — Obama has not made many decisions for which the consequences affect more than himself.
This was one of the big problems that many had with Obama before the election, and may well turn out to be his ultimate failing.

We shall see, and I hope that what he does is good for the country, but I fear that what he has proposed will take the country down the wrong path. And once we get too far down that path, we may never be able to turn back.


Anonymous said...

I read about Obama closing down Gitmo, asking Iranians to meet,...sure sounds like the wrong path to me. What message does it send to our troops? Does it say that their efforts were wasted?
Someone commented at another blog about what it would take for people to rise up-when personal dangers of resistance are outweighed by the consequences of being quiet. I wonder how soon we will reach this stage.

folly said...

Much like the IDF being pulled out of gaza before completing the mission, pulling out of Iraq too early, closing Gitmo and talking to the people that are arming the "insurgents" in Iraq absolutely tell our troops that their efforts were in vain.

If we pull out and somehow democracy in Iraq survives, Obama will take credit for it, and if Iraq crumbles in to the sand from whence it came, it will be Bush's fault.

Me? I'm still on the Soapbox. We'll go back to the Ballot soon enough.

The Gunslinger said...

Your hope is so cute.

Your fear is so appropriate.

folly said...

When all you have is hope and guns, you hope you never have to use the guns.