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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Monday, January 19, 2009

Most Kenyans believe that Obama will make their lives better

From Fox News:

Apparently, easily distracted democrats and women in Chicago on election night aren't the only people that believe that Obama will make everything better. In Kenya, the celebrations will run all day. People who have nothing to eat or drink will be wearing Obama t-shirts. Mothers are telling their starving children that Obama will bring them food.

"I feel so great because he's one of us, he's like a brother to us," said Nick Otieno, 27, proudly displaying his Barack Obama t-shirt as he stood above a pile of dusty trash.

One of nearly a million Kenyans who live in Nairobi's sprawling Kibera slum, Otieno has no running water or electricity, but he owns two Obama shirts. He knows the date Obama will enter office, and already has his plans in order. "We shall be celebrating the whole day and the whole night because that day we shall be sure that [Obama] is now the president," he said.

They have no food, no running water, but they have Obama t-shirts. Of course, they consider him to be Kenyan.

Residents say they are proud of the first black man ever elected president of the United States, and many stop to speak about the man they consider a native son. "I am happy, I am looking forward to a better kind of world through Obama's presidency," said a woman, Nthenya, who carried her infant child on her back.

"We expect much from him as far as Kenyan life is concerned -- even us, the people who are staying in the slums here in Kibera," said Otieno.

Not all Kenyans believe it is Obama's job to fix all of Kenya's ills:

But others say Kenyans have to rise out of their own rubble. "I don't believe in handouts," said Michael Omolo Ombok, a 36-year-old who runs a car service in Nairobi. Unlike many of his fellow Kenyans, Ombok says he is not looking to the next president for help. "I don't believe Obama has a responsibility to make my life better. ... There's no manna that will fall from heaven now that Obama is president."

Members of Kenya's middle class say the value of Obama's presidency lies elsewhere. "I don't believe that we should depend on Obama 100 percent because he's the president of the United States of America," said Ombok. "What we should do is just take it as a way of being optimistic, working more and believing that if Obama can do it -- everybody can do it."

I do believe that this man gets it. I wish more people here did.


Anonymous said...

Have a safe Obarfaration day.

The Gunslinger said...

Obamania crosses all cultures, ages and borders. If it were not happening in/to my country I'd consider it an interesting and amusing phenomenon to study.

It's odd to see Kenyan's saying "the President" with no qualifying "of the United States", as though they believe he is THEIR president.

Very odd. Perhaps it's just a glitch of translation.

Everything about this dude is just creepy.

folly said...

It's scary to see the blind devotion people are paying Obama. Unfortunately for them, that means they won't even see the crash coming.