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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Who is the most socialist?

I read this story with a chuckle.
Facing unwelcome resistance from fellow Democrats, President-elect Barack Obama is encouraging critics of his $800 billion economic recovery plan to "just show me" their own ideas. With more than 11 million Americans out of work, Obama pressed Congress for urgent action Friday and said the U.S. is undergoing "a devastating economic crisis that will become more difficult to contain with time."
It seems like Congress is saying that Obama's economic "stimulus" plan gives too much money to people and not enough to state level government projects. What's really interesting about this, is that congressional democrats are holding up Obama's $800 billion plan because they want to get credit for the bill.

But congressional Democrats are making it clear they want to put their own stamp on the revival plan, despite the inevitable delays. Some Obama ideas, like a $3,000 job creation tax credit, might get scrapped.

Many Democrats aren't thrilled with Obama's business tax cut plans and are griping that there's not enough money in the measure for traditional infrastructure projects like road construction and water projects or for tax credits to promote renewable energy.

So the democrats are trying to co-opt Obama's plan to start funding their pet projects.

A squadron of Obama officials came to the Capitol on Friday to brief House Democrats on the measure, and they again heard criticism of some of Obama's proposed tax cuts, particularly a $3,000 credit for job creation. Lawmakers pressed for more infrastructure spending and tax credits to promote renewable energy and said that more needs to be done to address the housing crisis.

"There's considerable expertise running around the halls of Congress, and this week represents the first, most significant opportunity to have good, constructive dialogue on how we build the best package," said Rep. Earl Pomeroy, D-N.D.

Read that again. It sounded like, "We know what we're doing, and we'll tell you what we should do." Of course, with a few notable exceptions, congressional democrats have been frustrated for the last 8 years. Now they have both a democrat president incoming (to whom, it seems, they believe they can dictate), and an economy bad enough that 52% of the people are willing to accept a little socialism in the hope that it will get better.

It also looks like Barbara Boxer realized that it may look bad that the incoming democrat congress is planning on holding up the president-elect's signature plan when she talked to reporters.

"All of their priorities are ones that we share," Pelosi said. "We just want to make sure that those (ideas), when they're written in the bill, are ones that can be used immediately and can create jobs."

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., emphasized areas of broad agreement and the universal sentiment of a need to act.

"Please don't get the idea there was some sort of breakdown here," Boxer told reporters.

Sounds like there was some sort of breakdown here. The democrats in congress are asserting themselves, and how Obama handles it will really set the tone for the first year of his presidency.

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