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Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president.

Theodore Roosevelt

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is anyone paying attention?

I've been listening a lot to what our current President has to say. Watching the things that he's doing. I've been getting more and more concerned about the lack of response by anyone to the things that have been going on. At least when Bush did something there was a reaction. Both from his supporters and his detractors. The only thing I'm hearing now is the sound of burning 230 year old parchment.
"Since the economy is bad, business can't survive without government intervention, so lets give $775 billion to whomever wants it." [chirp chirp]
This should have raised more alarms the first time it happened under Bush; it did in certain circles, but not in the majority of the public. The ones who spoke out were only those of us who understand what "nationalization" means. Then it happened again. I guess because it worked so well the first time.

Oh yeah, they're trying to do it a third time. Because the government knows how to spend your money better than you.
Since the economy is bad, we must work towards nationalizing education because kids can't get an education in this country. [silence]
After dems screaming that the NCLB act was the worst piece of legislation (written by dems) ever signed by Bush...except for all the other ones, Obama wants to fund and expand it, while canceling the DC voucher program. I'm sure the teacher's union is ecstatic.
Since the economy is bad, people can't afford health care, so the government has to pay for everyone's health care. [...]
Obama wants to start putting up money, to the tune of $630 billion, to help people pay for healthcare. Where, exactly, does he think this magic money will come from? Just wait, we'll find out soon enough.

In the middle of all this, CNN says that the honeymoon is still on, but dems in congress are starting to get rather impatient. They're wondering aloud when things start to get better. I'll tell them that as long as they keep throwing good money after bad, things will stay bad.

With the polls still giving Obama a 61% approval rating, I can only wonder what people think he is actually doing? Don't they see the seeds he is planting? If he succeeds with his plans and makes a second term, I think we'll see the mask come off and the real socialist come out. These are tests. There's no hardcore socialist program changes going on here, just the primers. If these easy things he's doing now work, then he has a purpose for his second term. That's when we'll see the real "Change."


Ex-Dissident said...

People are listening but at some point you just want to shut your ears. Thousands of Americans were demonstrating against these bailouts with absolutely no press coverage. Only bloggers were there to document these events. We call our "representatives" in Washington and get ridiculed.

I was careless enough at voice my opinion about auto bailouts. I said that if these companies are so badly managed that they are failing, they then deserve to fail so that something better has a chance to grow. The person I was talking to then said, "I agree and what the hell is up with my having to pay off someone else's mortgage?" We were overheard, and I could see fear and hatred in the eyes of that person who overheard me. I could tell that in her mind I was branded a racist and that she was contemplating what can be done about me. Why racist? Because I dared to criticize the policies of you-know-who. Although I didn't say anything ugly, I didn't repeat the nauseating praises that others seem to utter about you-know-who.

I don't believe these opinion polls about with 62% approval ratings. If the newspapers are mentioning that some of the Democrats are having doubts about these policies, my guess is that this is a major understatement. That means that a lot of those who voted for Obama disapprove of his actions. What about half of Americans that voted against Obama? You really think that a fifth of them had a change of heart and now love our dear leader? These reported polls are propaganda, and if this congress had approval ratings in the teens during more prosperous times, it definitely did not become any more admired or even accepted since then. I doubt that Obama is much more admired than the rest of our Democrats.

Our voices are not being heard. Our savings are being stolen. Honestly, I no longer see any way to avoid the last box.

Anonymous said...

Oh believe me, I'm certainly paying attention. I think more people are than we think--just give it some time. I've heard that the Anointed One's approval rating is dropping. In no time, when he's messed things up a lot, loads of people will hate him. I'm already seeing signs of voter regret at my university, and they used to be some of his most vocal supporters. The older students are finally realising how much he's screwing up our country.

What I'm afraid of is that it might take something really catastrophic, like a massive terrorist attack, to fully make people understand.

Oh well... it's frustrating, but I guess all we can do is wait and continue to write and read our blogs.