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Theodore Roosevelt

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shooting, shooting, shooting

Man, my life has been all about shooting recently. I haven't had time to do much else. I'm getting ready for my first 3Gun match, which happens to be the Rocky Mountain 3 Gun World Championship, one of the largest matches in the country.

3Gun uses the IPSC (international) rules instead of the USPSA rules for Multi-gun competition. I'll be shooting pistol, shotgun and rifle, one, two or all three at a time. There will be rifle shots out to 600 yds, shotgun slug shots out to 100 and pistol to 50. I'll be up in the mountains at the NRA Wittington center for a full week working and shooting.

We're driving to Raton, NM this Saturday to get started.

So again I'll mention the USPSA for any of you shooters out there who want to become more involved in shooting or have an itch to compete.

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